Journey with us into the Exciting World of Fibre Processing

We, Sian and Rob Rickards, almost accidentally fell into the amazing world of alpacas. With 16 undulating acres on our hands, we had to have something to share all that yummy pasture... and the passion for these elegant gentle animals was inevitable. Alpacas produce an annual crop of lovely soft fleece. What do you do with all that alpaca fibre?


Already an avid quilter, Sian began to play with the fibre in her craft studio and felt and felting quickly became her addiction. Hand processing became too slow and as the farm's popularity as a tourist venue became greater, the need to produce product to sell at the 'farm gate' grew. 

The dream of processing the alpaca fibre to a number of end products such as alpaca yarn or rovings for hand spinning, took root and now... with the support and encouragement of the enormously patient Rob, the dream is becoming a reality. Journey with us into this amazing cloud-soft world that is alpaca.