Processing Booking

How to place a processing booking order
  • Please call to book a time slot.

  • Please download and complete this booking form and place it with your fleece prior to sending it for processing.

  • Individual or multiple fleeces are accepted

  • If you wish to mix like fleeces, that is fine with us but please make your instruction clear.

  • Two weeks before your booked time slot, complete the booking form and mail your fleece to us along with a booking form for each fleece or mixed fleece bag. If delivering it personally, please deliver one week before booking time slot.

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Tips and information for preparing your fleece for processing

Skirting for a show fleece and skirting for processing have a very different approach.

Remember you are paying by the incoming kg not by the finished weight. You don't want to pay for dirt and skirt; leave that behind.

We recommend staple length of not less than 7cm. Shorter fleeces can be made into delightful funky corespun yarn

When you shear your alpacas, ask your shearer to take the saddle off first. 

When purchasing alpaca fleeces, ask for saddle only. some necks are ok for hand spinning but generally won't work in mill machines

Once you have taken off the skirt and separated the saddle, it really pays to go over your fleece thoroughly, pulling it apart as much as you can to shake out dust, dirt and vegetation matter

Excessively dirty fleeces will attract an additional $15 per half hour of extra skirting and may be rejected if cleaning is not feasible.